Wednesday, 30 May 2012

SalesInsider, Free SalesInsider Newsletter Subscription

SalesInsider, Free SalesInsider Newsletter Subscription

Request Your 4-issue trial Newsletter Subscription NOW!

This twice-monthly publication helps your salespeople refine their skills and increase their sales. It provides your sales reps with tools and techniques they can use to energize sales and retain customers.
SalesInsider is written in a quick-read, action-oriented style and it's chock-full of information your salespeople can use to rev up their performance. This real-world publication is easy to understand and cost effective. Consider: If the newsletter helps your sales staff to book one account, it immediately pays for itself!

Here's a sampling of some of the topics covered in the publication:

    Cold calling
    Beating slumps
    Improving email strategies
    Building loyalty
    Overcoming objections
    And much more

But don't take their word for it … see for yourself. For a limited time, you can receive four email issues to review without any obligation to pay. If the product doesn't meet the needs of you and your salespeople, simply do nothing and they'll stop sending it. If you decide the publication would be a valuable tool to help kick-start your sales efforts - and they think you will - simply pay the price based on the number of users and they'll send the twice-monthly newsletter to you for a full year of 24 issues.

Please note that SalesInsider is designed as a training tool for your salespeople. Subscribers get the most value from the publication when they order individual copies for each sales rep. Check out the chart below to see what your cost would be based on the number of salespeople in your organization who should receive a copy.

No. of users   Price/user
1                       $117
2                       $69
3-4                    $59
5-9                    $53
10-14                 $49
15-19                 $47
20-24                 $45
25-29                 $44
30-34                 $43
35-40                 $42
41+                    Call 800-817-3922

Geographic Eligibility: USA

Offered Free by: Institute of Business Publications

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